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Okie, I had my first football (soccer) training yesterday at the grass fields next to the Rose Bowl… It was a 2-hour basics training with scrimmage in the end and that coupled with Pasadena’s 80+ weather made for a very very challenging mid-morning! It was loads of fun, though and I can’t wait for the actual supporters’ match on the 20th!

When I got home, I thought I’d drop dead but I was pretty much awake the entire afternoon and up until my evening meeting with KORT. I finally realised I was out-of-shape when I could not get out of bed at 6:15AM this morning for my 11-mile run! AHHHH. I’ve decided to do the long run tomorrow instead and using today as a rest/stretch & strength day. ZOMG. I really need to incorporate the cross-training back in my training regimen!

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