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Abridged Updates!

Let’s see, since my last post on July 12th, I have:

  • Ran 11 miles (Monday, 13th July)
  • Went to Disneyland for the second time in my lifetime (Wednesday, 15th July – 1pm to 10pm)
  • Met up with Jo and Sheryl to watch the 6th Harry Potter film at Downtown Disney and had waaay too much Cherry Coke to drink (Wednesday, 15th July)
  • Went to this “upscale” burlesque club in Manhattan Beach where my sister, her friends and I were the youngest in the club; plus had one too many cocktails that…
  • I ran hungover the next day (Saturday, 18th July) and was only able to do 6.5 miles out of my scheduled 12-mile run!
  • Played in a soccer tournament for the first time in 85°+ F heat AND was on the winning team (Monday, 20th July AM-afternoon) 
  • Attended my soccer supporters’ group “Legends Night” and met some great former-Chelsea FC players and made new friends (Monday, 20th July – evening)
  • Continued the party by going back to Pasadena for some more Chelsea FC festivities at Lucky Baldwin’s
  • Watched her beloved Blues beat Inter Milan at the Rose Bowl (Monday, 21st July)
  • finally, walked a 2-mile recovery run on Wednesday, 22nd July.

So yeah, in-between all that (but for Monday and Tuesday this week), it was work or volunteer work.

Oh, and am I ready for the San Francisco Half-Marathon this Sunday? NOPE. But I’m going to go easy on the run and just enjoy the scenery. I can always beat my personal best in October or December 😉

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