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Nike LunarGlide+ Contest

After watching the Boston Marathon on the Universal Sports (US) channel and seeing Kara Goucher nab 3rd spot, other than the thought that she could’ve gotten first (before overtaken by two Africans at the tail end of the race), I was also thinking that I really really liked her shoes! lol.

Anyway, fast-forward to a few months later, and Diana sent me an email forward that she thought I might find interesting… and interesting I didst foundst it! ^_^

Apparently, Universal Sports is working with Nike to find 3 runners that will run in the LunarGlide+ for 4 weeks and blog about their experiences. I know I probably won’t be one of the winners (I’m not exactly your typical runner type!) but I signed up anyway and thought that my other running pals might be interested, as well:  http://www.universalsports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=23000&ATCLID=204761839

If you do end up being chosen, deffo message me as I wanna follow your progress! ^_^

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