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Long Run Training: 9.32 miles

Wow, talk about an easy run. I’ve never been this relaxed at a run evar evar! LOL. But let me step back — this morning, before heading out with my sis to do our long run, I decided to skim over what Sally Edwards wrote in her “Triathlon for Beginners” book on Heart Rate training. Since I wanted to build endurance and burn fat properly, I decided that I would run the entire 9 miles within Heart Zone 3 — which is roughly 133 to 155 bpm. I thought that would be an 11:30 min/mile pace but I was wrong! Apparently, I have to go on about a 13 minute per mile pace to be within that zone; anything quicker means my HR goes up and out of the targetted zone! Eek.

Well, you can imagine the pounding it did to my knees but not so much that it got painful — I just noticed it, you know? I actually stuck to my 6:1 intervals, too, even if I felt I didn’t need it. At the completion of the mileage, I did a short sprint just to wake myself up from the lull lol.

I think I’m going to do my Heart Zone training during the long runs and then definitely do speedwork on the short ones. I’m hoping that this combination of slowing down and listening to my heart (awwww! lol) will help get me that Personal Best at my next marathon (or half marathon — in 3 weeks!)

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