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Need new shoes?

I might have to finally retire my Nike Pegasus 2007. My last run on Wednesday, a short 3 miles, did some havoc on my knees that I can still feel up to now. Then again, I worsened the symptom by walking in 3-inch heels last night. >_< But I still think I need to switch to a new pair — I’m sure I’ve had over 300 miles on this shoe, more than any mileage I’ve put on my previous running shoes and I’ve replaced those earlier. I guess I just really love this pair that I don’t want to let it go! LOL.

I’m seriously considering the Nike LunarGlide+ but a part of me says that I need to stick with the tried and tested Pegasus, especially since it’s part of the Bowerman Series. Eastbay has the Pegasus 25+ on sale, which I’ve read is much better than the newer Pegasus 26+. Again, it doesn’t make sense because it’s supposedly Bowerman Series (i.e., fit, cushioning and response should be the same but there are some niggly changes here and there [colour, style] that might determine a reviewer’s input.) Maybe I’ll go to Road Runner Sports this weekend and finally get fitted properly. Maybe run around the store in the LunarGlide+ and see how they feel. I gotta remember to bring my orthotics, though.

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