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Review: Run Bare(foot) Presentation

Last night (Wednesday, the 28th of April 2010), I attended one of REI’s free “events”. I actually lucked out that I found [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

Well, I was supposed to take it easy today but I guess Sunday’s result kinda left a bad taste in my mouf (no, it’s not cos of al [...]

Sally Melt and Tomato Corn Soup

I ran out of food again and when it was time to eat, I had to put something together that was relatively quick and easy. It’s not as h [...]

Swim Training (1200m)

ZOMG. I did all 3 drills today and then one more! wOOt. I had to switch around my training (supposed to do barefoot run) but since my Vibram [...]

1st sports massage; Weekend (food) recap

I had my first “Sports massage” last night. I thought I had a sports massage before but it turned out, the previous ones were ju [...]

Open Water Swim: 804m

My second open water swim in the Pacific and this time it was at La Jolla Cove (in La Jolla, CA). My sisters and I had a wonderful weekend f [...]

Recap: La Jolla Shores 5k

It’s been five years since my previous 5K race and I was somewhat intimidated by the La Jolla Shores 5K. I mean, I think I’m clo [...]

Long Run Training: 13 miles

This was not a bad training run — actually, I fared better at this run than last week’s long run. My left knee, as usual, began [...]

Rest day! Reviews coming shortly.

I’m going to do my long run tomorrow (instead of the weekend) and as a result, I have a nice rest day today. 🙂 On top of that, gues [...]

Swim Training (400m); geaR page!

I was running late for my lunchtime swim and rather than miss it, I braved the winds and made it to the pool. Because I only had a limited a [...]

Barefoot Training: 5 miles

This has been my longest barefoot run evar and I feel no pain in my right arch! wOOtness. Of course, my right calf is already feeling kinda [...]
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