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Barefoot Training: 4 miles

Well, I was supposed to take it easy today but I guess Sunday’s result kinda left a bad taste in my mouf (no, it’s not cos of all those beers ;)) that I was probably telling myself that I could’ve done it if I stuck through it. My breathing was laboured, my HR was high but I didn’t care and though I might’ve slowed down during some sections, but I told myself I wasn’t going to stop and walk until the end. >_<

Good news: no knee pain, no arch pain!
Bad news: gonna be effing sore tomorroz! LOL

Stats! (Forerunner 50 for HR, only | Forerunner 201)

Time: 00:41:25
Distance: 4.02 mi
Elevation Gain: 5 ft
Calories: 368 C

Avg Pace: 10:17 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 10:15 min/mi

Avg HR: 174 bpm
Max HR: 185 bpm

I just remembered that my shoulders began to tense up. Again, cos I’m not used to breathing so deeply and working that hard. I just shook my arms and such and the tightness went away. I should’ve also worn my Phiten necklace, but it could also be psychological. >_<

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