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I could’ve used this Runner’s World article yesterday when I had a massive snack attack! I ended up having those single-serve co [...]

Recovery: 30 minutes (swim)

Notes: Went for a 30-minute lap swimming session. I should really log how many metres I do per training. I do recall taking kickboard ‘ [...]


Added “Latest Posts” — you can probably easily see it to your right… Dunno yet if I should modify it or just leave i [...]


I still cannot believe that I achieved a Personal Record at the Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon. I should believe it, though, as it happe [...]

Recovery: 2 miles (walk)

Notes: Despite getting a (full-body) massage yesterday, my left calf today felt a bit tingly. I did wear my calf sleeves during the walk an [...]

Race Report: Inaugural Hard Corps Marathon

Race: Camp Pendleton Inaugural Hard Corps Marathon Date: April 25th, 2009 Location: Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Southern California No [...]

Free Chicken!

Okie, I should be posting my race report but I’m still recovering from the marathon and I thought I’d post this in the meantime: [...]

Cross-Training (20 minutes)

Went for a swim this morning with my sis. It wasn’t too bad, I did more rest breaks in between using the kickboard and alternating bet [...]

Added new link category

…entitled “Running and Training” Amazing how I haven’t really accumulated links for running — ah, nvm, I know [...]

Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day. I’m not exactly sure why there’s only one day dedicated to the Earth (much like, there’s only one mont [...]

Cross-Training (50 minutes, cumulative)

LOL I went swimming twice today; 30 minutes this morning (lunch time break) and then 20 minutes this evening. I wasn’t too bad; I was [...]
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