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I could’ve used this Runner’s World article yesterday when I had a massive snack attack! I ended up having those single-serve containers of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice-cream and a handful of Cheez-Its! AHHHHH.

Anyway, this bit in the article was interesting:

Jerky. With seven grams of protein per serving, jerky is a healthy postrun snack—just make sure it has 480 milligrams of sodium or less per serving.

Popcorn. Four cups air-popped have only 125 calories and five grams of fiber. If you choose microwave varieties, go with 94 percent fat-free versions.

Pudding. It’s a good source of calcium. Make your own with powdered mix, or buy premade low-fat snack cups (look for one that’s vitamin D-fortified).

Dark Chocolate. High in antioxidants, dark chocolate is good for you—in moderation. Have an ounce, which is equal to six Special Dark Hershey’s Kisses.

Chips and Salsa. High in vitamins and antioxidants, salsa contains just 70 calories per cup. Enjoy it with a single serving of baked, multigrain tortilla chips.

But for the jerky, those are my normal snacks (though, depends on availability ;)). At least I’m doing something right (sorta). Where does one find beef jerky with less than 480mg of sodium anyway?! The best ones have like, 800mg of sodium and up! +_+ Perhaps I can do that research when I go to the market today. Mmmm… Beef jerky!!

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