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I still cannot believe that I achieved a Personal Record at the Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon. I should believe it, though, as it happened (and I’m deffo not dreaming!) and I think I know how I did it, despite not having that much confidence on Saturday… I trained! LOL. Seriously, I have to go through this so that the next time I run a marathon (in 4 weeks and then next year), I should just replicate or even better what I did.

Monthly goals:
January – run 5 times. Goal met!
February – run 56 miles. Goal met!
March – run 62 miles. Goal met!
April – run 66 miles. Goal met (and exceeded)!

Looking now, it hasn’t even been half-the-year and I’ve already met my running goals for the first few months. I think that’s the most I’ve run to train… evar! LOL.

May is going to be a bit more mellow as my goal is to do 44 miles (26.2 of which will be ran at the San Diego Marathon on the 31st).  And then around June and July, I pretty much slack off as my goal drops to a mere 5 runs, though I should change that because I have another half-marathon in July.

I think 2009 is turning out to be a great year (for running anyway). ^_^

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