Yearly Archives: 2008

Long Run Training: 6 miles

Notes: Started out well, then somehow, in the middle of my run, lost steam — I literally stopped running and just started walking. I t [...]

Speedwork: 4×400

Notes:404 Calories burned and average pace 10:55/mile. The chart does not actually show the speed increases, which leads me to believe that: [...]

The Nike Human Race!!

Notes:What can I say, I'm proud I finished it and just 5 minutes off my normal pace. This is considering that I haven't run in lik [...]

Women's Balance Beam Finals

I thought that the USA's Nastia Liukin's balance beam routine was way better than Shawn Johnson's but I'm not really an [...]


I need to buy a lotto ticket or go back to Vegas and bet huge or summat! LOL. It's the luckiest day of the millenia or summat like that [...]

RaDragon 2008

Kudos to Jo Nisha for finding this! LOL! [...]

Odd Supper

I had the weirdest supper last night and I know "odd" is in the eye of the beholder, but here goes: I began the evening with a han [...]

Dead fishies, new fishies

Weeks ago, my fishy "Angelina Jolie" did not survive the rigors of my fishtank. To my dismay, the remaining two fishies at that ti [...]

Oh my giddy aunt!

Haven't been around much lately but for that pre-posted (*the horror!*) 4th of July greeting. In any case, I finally have a free moment [...]

4 July 1776

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy some of the cheesiest fireworks I found on the interweb. ^_^ [...]

Quite the workout.

Had quite another 'physical' weekend. It's funny, cos when I run marathons, I don't consider it much of a physical feat& [...]