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Oh my giddy aunt!

Haven't been around much lately but for that pre-posted (*the horror!*) 4th of July greeting. In any case, I finally have a free moment to update myself on myself (and whoever else is reading about myself). 😉

I'm still working on getting fit for a triathlon next year, not to mention train for this October's half-marathon and the San Antonio Half, too. Speaking of triathlons, I mentioned weeks prior that I can't really borrow my older sis' road bike so I've been doing some research on (cheap) road bicycles… Which led me to that expression (see title.)

Road bikes are not cheap! They're effing pricey and I'm not talking about $500+; they're more like $1500+ (USD). Oof! Of course, I can always find a used one, but it might be difficult finding a good sized bike for someone like me (vertically-challenged). I guess if I just go for whatever, I can get a road bike for less than $400 but I was hoping to find a lightweight one with a particular number of gears and other features… In other words, the search continues.

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