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Dead fishies, new fishies

Weeks ago, my fishy "Angelina Jolie" did not survive the rigors of my fishtank. To my dismay, the remaining two fishies at that time ate the decomposing corpse down to the bone! >_< So as expected (well, at least that's what my friend's mum told me after I told her what happened to my fishies); both Silas and Sandy have perished — no doubt from eating Angelina Jolie's corpse and my inability to clean the tank soon afterwards.

I finally had to fish out their floating bodies on Friday evening and then on Sunday, was finally able to clean the stupid fish tank of all the gunk. It was so nasty. Had like, a really fishy smell and had loads of fish crap (I'm hoping it was their poop and not guts >_<) I was actually considering of getting a new tank and just donating the old one (sans washing it) but thought that I could save that $70 into my road bike fund or other discretionary expenses.

Anyway, off to Petco I went and bought 3 more fishes to populate the now clean/empty tank… I splurged and went for the $2.00/a piece Red Wagtail Platy fish (which I got for 99 cents a piece cos of the Petco membership thingy).

I gave the 3 new WAGtail's names about an hour after their arrival at home: they are Spike, and Posh & Becks (i.e., Victoria and David Beckham). LOL. I should've read that link (see above) before I named Posh and Becks cos I ended up calling the male fish, Posh and the female Becks… But I think it'll work out in the end. ^_^

Spike - the Red Wagtail Platy

Becks & Posh

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