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The Nike Human Race!!

What can I say, I'm proud I finished it and just 5 minutes off my normal pace. This is considering that I haven't run in like, 3 weeks. LOL. I think I like to torture myself — don't train but sign up for a run and go run cold. >_< The reality is, the race was rather warm, people were all over the place (and I mean, crazy runners weaving through!) and the course was poorly lit — yes, THIS WAS IN THE FREAKIN' EVENING.) I guess I could have pretended that I was in Kona, HI doing the marathon stage of an Ironman…. but this one had the fear of getting shot at (we were in East/Downtown LA) and with loads of people running about. 😉

On top of all that, the bag check pickup was horrid! There was no organization at all — there was just this one huge-arse line and dozens of Nike volunteers running about like chickens with their heads cut off looking for someone's bag, whilst trying to remind themselves of their runner's bib number over and over again… Did I mention our bib numbers were 6-digits long?

All in all, it was an OK event but it reminded me why I never do short races again. Then again, if Fall Out Boy or the All American Rejects were on stage, instead of Kanye West, maybe I would've not been so cross whilst waiting for my bag…

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