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Quite the workout.

Had quite another 'physical' weekend. It's funny, cos when I run marathons, I don't consider it much of a physical feat… well, I probably should since I sux so bad but I think I have to work a LOT on my mental faculties whilst running, too.

Anyway, sis and I played 9-hole golf at The Lakes in El Segundo. As you may or may not know, it's this executive course (i.e., 3-par/short/one 4 par). What can I say? After months of inactivity from playing golf, we went out that sunny Saturday afternoon and got our asses kicked by the course. LMFAO. Actually, my sis did well with hole #6 which she birdie'd and I had bogey'd. Yes, I sux0red so bad but I'm planning to visit the driving range after work this week to work on my swing again.

This morning, just before the Euro 2008 final (OMG. GERMANY LOST. Just proves to show, never depend on the Germans 😉 — long story, it has something to do with my Euro Fantasy Football Team)… Sorry, I digress — this morning, my sis and I went swimming! FOR A WHOLE FREAKIN' HOUR. I actually swam laps (with very *very* short breaks in-between 100 metres) for the entire hour. Can you say, exhausted after that?! OMG, I think I'm still tired from it! LOL. After the swim, I had so much bad food — I mean, my body was craving it. I had some chocolate stick biscuits, some dried spicy scuttlefish which you can get these at any Asian store 😉 and…*gasp* 3 pieces of Dylan's Candy Bar chocolate…. AHHHHHH. All that work gone cos of a number of yummy treats afterwards. lol. Although I'm still reeling for the hour-long swim, I'm hoping that I can build up my endurance so that I don't end up 'dog paddling' the swim portion of the triathlon I'm going to do next year! LOL!

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