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Weather respite, et cetera.

Thank the heavens! The weather today was waaaay more tolerable than days past. This evening, I went outside to take out the trash and was greeted with that familiar cool breeze. Ahhhh.. The heatwave is over?

Anyway, I despite the heat, I had a pretty active weekend; mountain biking, skateboarding… Sadly, no surfing but it was ok. As I did these "physical" activities, I thought of all the stuff I ate that week! LOL. Oh, did I also mention that I went swimming on Friday evening?

Speaking of biking, I also found out from my big sis that I won't be able to borrow her road bike… I was hoping to cut that expense off my plans to do a triathlon next year, but I guess I have to put it back in. : Oh well, gotta work more!

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