Yearly Archives: 2007

Build your vocabulary whilst feeding the poor.

Check this out… For each word you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to feed the hungry through the World Food Programme. Who [...]

New layout

After two years (or is it three?) of the same journal layout, I decided to change it a bit — granted, this one's a lot less busy [...]

Ebbsfleet United Football Club

If you haven't heard, check this out. Basically, this website, My Football Club (myFC) "bought" controlling interest in a non [...]

One thousand plus!

One thousand five-hundred and forty-four and counting! YAY. I'm only 5,256 words behind. lol. You can probably still catch up if you jo [...]

Manual Transmission

Just practised driving down the PV hill on a stick-shift car… Can you say daunting? It actually wasn't that bad but still… [...]


Reusing last year's Halloween Bowl to serve candy = zero dollarsSkittles, Kit-Kat, Snickers, Tootsie Roll and other sweets = 30 dollars [...]

All Hallows Eve

This is the scariest pic (scariest to the point that I don't freak out myself) that I found via Google. ^_^ Happy Halloween all! [...]

Happy Birthday, Ray!

YAY! It's my little (well, not so little) brother's birthday today! He turns…. 30! LOL! Happy Birfday, Ray! [...]

Fire fire and other things.

Been crazy in California this past week: Brush fires everywhere. Amongst the hundred thousands of acres burned across the state, hundreds of [...]

Feed the hungry.

I added 3 more things in my growing list of what I want to do… Check it out on the sidebar or go see me on ^_^ As if I ha [...]


I was fortunate today to have a good 30 minutes break of doing… nothing! Ergo, I went online and landed upon The Wayback Machine. It w [...]
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