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^_^ (photo coming soon) [...]

RIP Kazamidori

Teppan Kazamidori was our fav Izakaya in Torrance, CA. Where else (in Torrance) could you get grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus, different cho [...]

DVD storage woes…

I think I have over 200 DVDs in my collection (in that link, it says I have 187 but I haven't updated it in a few months and I've [...]

Visit MyMiniCity…

…please ^_^ [...]

Lovely mini-break!

My sis, Herman, Buzz and I returned from our weekend-long Mammoth trip last night! Sharon, Joel, Nathan, Lauren and Meilyn (sp?) went home o [...]

A totally random site

Since I've dropped (months ago) the "Random sites of the week" or however I worded it, I thought of just posting, on a random [...]

2007 NaNoWriMo Winner

My very own novel-writing epilogue. It is about 12:15AM (at least when I started typing this) on the 1st of December. Happy December! For an [...]

Nearing the end of November!

Can you believe we're down to the last five days of November? It seems like yesterday that it finally got nice and cold in Los Angeles, [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We skipped the turkey this year and went for the less-traditional aged ribeye, red potatoes with dijonaise and chives, corn, and finally my [...]

3 Miles, 1 pancake, 2 sausages, and 2 sprinkles cupcakes

Ran — 3.2 miles this morning at the CalCPA Brentwood Run. Finished at about 38 minutes which is not a personal record for me but one f [...]


I'm soooooo out of shape! I haven't done much physical exercise in the past few weeks. Yesterday, I decided to go to the driving r [...]
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