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DVD storage woes…

I think I have over 200 DVDs in my collection (in that link, it says I have 187 but I haven't updated it in a few months and I've bought/received quite a bit of DVDs by then!) Anyway, I have 2 DVD tower holders. One is a rather nice design (has a bit of style) and the other is your run-of-the-mill MDF-and-metal-storage tower. Combined capacity is 150 DVDs. The rest are spilled either on top or on stacked the floor >_<

My sis doesn't want me to get any more of the 'modern' looking DVD storage towers cos it really clashes with the living room furniture (think old world/ornate French-style light-coloured wood). So when I took the day off today to do a bit of cleaning before the holidays, I literally just sat on my bum, surfing the web for an hour searching for a DVD cabinet! I have yet to find one… Pah!

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