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RIP Kazamidori

Teppan Kazamidori was our fav Izakaya in Torrance, CA. Where else (in Torrance) could you get grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus, different choices for yakitori/teppan "tapas" along with a cold Kirin Ichiban! Mmmmm… Kirin and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Anyway, we were craving it when we were driving home from Mammoth Lakes, then last week, then yesterday when we finally were about to set a reservation and found out it was closed! My sis and I didn't believe the person on the other line so we decided to visit the place and it was indeed gone. So yah… RIP.

In other news, we've made great progress around the house… cleaning-wise. We've got our loverly tree up, too. ^_^

In case I forget to login on Monday evening…. Happy Christmas!

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