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Lovely mini-break!

My sis, Herman, Buzz and I returned from our weekend-long Mammoth trip last night! Sharon, Joel, Nathan, Lauren and Meilyn (sp?) went home on another vehicle and as much as I tried to catch up with them on the motorway, they were driving too fast for me! ^_^

The conditions were wonderful (considering it was only the first week of December). Sure the trees can be covered with a lot more snow but the runs that we snowboarded on were absolutely great — it was even snowing whilst we were boarding. It also helped that it snowed a few days before up until Friday evening (when we drove up).

One drawback though — I was only able to go snowboarding for a day! I'm soooooo out of shape >_< We're going back in January and I'm definitely picking up some weights and doing cardio from now until then.

Oh and we went sledding the next day with the kids! ^_^ LOL! I got a snow skate on Friday and rode it down the incline we made for sledding. It was pretty neat except for the part where you try it on a small ramp. Hehehe…. wipe out. Photos to follow soon!

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