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3 Miles, 1 pancake, 2 sausages, and 2 sprinkles cupcakes

Ran — 3.2 miles this morning at the CalCPA Brentwood Run. Finished at about 38 minutes which is not a personal record for me but one for my sis Annelle (congratz sis!)

Consumed… immediately after the run, two breakfast link sausages and a pancake. On a side note, the Laker Girls were there and I got an autographed photo sheet for my li'l bro (who happens to be a Laker fan… Schweet!)

About two hours after the morning festivities, I had a delicious dark chocolate Sprinkles cupcake… Calories shmalories! I effing deserved that cupcake! Call it a reward for running that race this morning… lol! ^_^ However, About ten minutes after lunch, I had another one — this time, the Red Velvet-flavoured one and I admit, it was more of an indulgence but I plan to exercise again tomorroz cos I have to be good the next two weeks before snowboarding! w00t!

Here's a pic of the dark chocolate Sprinkles for posterity (although, the photo doesn't really do the cupcake much justice):

Sprinkles cupcake

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