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Outside my own li’l world

On Friday, 29th April, a middle-class (though, technically, she’s upper middle class) English commoner, Catherine “Kate” M [...]

Champion Sunday.

On Sunday, I spent nearly the entire morning cheering on (with some football/soccer friends, the OC Hooligans) my favourite football club in [...]


Chelsea 1 – 1 ManU; after 120 minutes… Chelsea lose to United in penalties (6-5 to ManU)… That's good bye to big-ears [...]

RIP Pat Lampard (Frank's mum)

Pat Lampard, 58, mother of Frank Lampard (#8 of my Blues) has passed away earlier in the evening (GMT). My sincerest sympathies go out to Fr [...]

Ebbsfleet United Football Club

If you haven't heard, check this out. Basically, this website, My Football Club (myFC) "bought" controlling interest in a non [...]

Thank you, Jos

Only 3 years of brilliant service at Chelsea FC. He and my beloved Blues "mutually" decided to part ways on Wednesday evening (UTC [...]

I lost my voice.

After intense cheering, jeering, and chanting last night I have officially lost my voice and am now speaking with a pitch that I have never [...]

HPDH and the Chels!

Got it last night. Haven't read past a few sentences. I think I'm going to wait for my "English" version to arrive befor [...]

Blue is the colour.

Football is the game. Herman, if you're reading this — Chelsea are coming back to the States this summer. And yes, I already have [...]

Cup Victory!

Talk about ending the season on a high note. [...]
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