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On Friday, 29th April, a middle-class (though, technically, she’s upper middle class) English commoner, Catherine “Kate” Middleton, marries her long-time boyfriend, Prince William “Wills” Arthur Philip Louis. They are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Didn’t watch the ceremony live but did see some clips over the interwebs.

On Saturday, my Chelsea boys defeated Tottenham, 2-1 (one of the goals was questionable but Lamps needed that!) and are now 3 points from league leaders, Manchester United (though Utd had a game in-hand, as they would play Arsenal the next day). This was a nervy match and I was honestly just hoping for the draw, but in the 10 years of following the Blues, they still never cease to amaze me!

On Sunday, I found out whilst waiting at La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney that Arsenal beat United, 1-nil! Chelsea play Utd next week (Mothers’ Day) and a win would mean we take the top spot in the league with two games left (which are a must-win, as well!)… Can’t wait for the tie — will actually be watching the match with some of my “Big Brothers,” the OC Hooligan–er, Blues in Santa Ana.

Anyway, other that celebrating Utd’s loss at Disneyland, later that Sunday evening, I found out that Osama bin Laden had been found and killed. Get this, the dude was living in a “mansion” in Pakistan. No caves, no stone bed — essentially, he was hiding in plain sight. Good riddance to him, albeit I won’t be jumping up and down in celebration as Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups still exist.

I didn’t think Obama would have the balls to authorise the attack, either. Without notifying local government, he gave the go ahead for an elite team of Navy SEALs to conduct their mission; very action film-esque! Of course, even though the US didn’t have permanent bases in Pakistan, having the presence in the country meant the operation went down rather efficiently (meaning the personnel and equipment/transport were there). Mad props to the SEAL team that accomplished this mission.

In hindsight, this act will be seen as yet another example of American arrogance by others (mostly foreigners) but I believe in the saying, “want something done right, you got to do it yourself!” Plus, waiting to hear back from the Pakistani government to hear if it’s “OK” to launch the operation would have meant that Osama would’ve been spared (and escaped, once more!) Shoot first, apologise later. 😉

Anyway, just thought of making a post about one of the few things happening outside Racielland (LOL). And for posterity. 😉 I leave you now with Barry’s awesome announcement of bin Laden’s death.

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