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Bay to Breakers race report coming shortly, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on the fabulous products found on the Yanko Design store, like this Mood Mug or this Tea Diver — Oooh… Ahhh. Clever everyday stuff, no?

Also, I found this equation off the CKIE website:

C = f(K, I, E)

Apparently, it was “[d]evised by a group of professors in 1977, C = f(K, I, E) is the equation for creativity. It states that creativity (C) is a function of knowledge (K), imagination (I), and evaluation (E).” Source: www.ckie.com

I stumbled upon that site when I stumbled upon this product that is clearly made out of the bestest awesomesauce: Espresso Gun. Say what you want about guns, but this should be the only way one is served an espresso shot 😉 (har har, get it? Espresso shot! ROFL I am self-amusing).


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