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HPDH and the Chels!

Got it last night. Haven't read past a few sentences. I think I'm going to wait for my "English" version to arrive before I really get into it — that and I'm preoccupado with my Super Chelsea FC.

Speaking of which — I've pretty much had a fantastic Blues week. A match on Tuesday evening, watching the Chels practise @ UCLA on Thursday afternoon, a 7-a-side footy match between the supporters on Friday afternoon, a "meet-and-greet" with Chelsea's Frank Leboeuf — yes, of the French national (World-Cup-winning) team of 1998.

In-between, the parents arrived via Schipol, Holland and as posted a few paragraphs up, picked up my HP book last night @ the Marina del Rey Barnes and Noble…

G2G — more Chels in like, 2 hours! ^_^

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