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I was fortunate today to have a good 30 minutes break of doing… nothing! Ergo, I went online and landed upon The Wayback Machine.

It was somewhat nice reminiscing about the past, er, website designs that I had for both this domain and my other, more "professional" one (Leicar). Then I somehow got to read my old blog posts (some of which are available here, some I still haven't transferred over from the old system).

Then that got me to think about my unfinished or unfulfilled (or as my title states, undone) projects! Stuff like learning Spanish, transferring over files, learn how to author Javascript functions instead of merely hacking previous ones, and so on.

So yah, now I'm all disappointed cos I seem to have no time (or haven't really made the time) to do these goals…. At the very least, I'm going to try and keep up this journal! It's good for posterity and all that.

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