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My third half-marathon

It's Tuesday and the bulk of my muscle soreness is semi-gone. If you click on my category "Running Records" you'll see only two entries for my "training". I actually trained for this half-marathon 4 times in July and twice in August… and uh, that's about it. LOL. It's not a surprise that I did terribly during the race. I barely ran. My average pace was 15:23 minutes/mile and my shoulders were sore again. I really think I have bad posture when running…

Anyway, I'm not discouraged from running just yet. I still want to do more marathons and definitely am working my way to doing triathlons. This is my third half-marathon, and having "failed" my 3rd marathon in June, the most common denominator is: lack of training! LOL. So… I'm really going to train for my next one. Iono which one it'll be but it'll definitely be a race next year… ^_^

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