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Congratulations, Leesa!

A hearty congratulations to Leesa/Lisa for completing her first half-marathon on Sunday! YAY! Congrats to my sis Annelle for finishing her 2nd half-marathon and I suppose I should congratulate myself, as well, for finishing this event! LOL.

Important tip: Never ever try to run 13.1 miles without training or if you're just coming out of an injury and illness! I don't know why I ran it — wait, I know cos I'm cheap and I didn't want to waste what I paid for my registration fee! That and I didn't want to leave my sis to fend for herself.

I got bored while running, btw so took this photo during one of my many walk breaks:

HMS Queen Mary in background

It's some sort of tug boat displaying jets of water and in the backround is the Queen Mary.

My race report will probably be above this post!

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