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Reusing last year's Halloween Bowl to serve candy = zero dollars
Skittles, Kit-Kat, Snickers, Tootsie Roll and other sweets = 30 dollars
Mixing up the sweets and preparing the bowl for the little kids = 10 minutes
Having one kid visit your house and end up with at least 3 bowlfuls of sweets = weight gain + tooth decay

LMAO. I forget to decorate our home, ergo, kids thought we weren't participating this year. Now we've got loads of sweets and 3 adults — 2 of which are are watching their sugary intake. LOVERLY! I wonder if I can return the unopened candy packages to the store >_<

In other news, the National Novel Writing Month starts officially (for us West Coast peeps) on November 1st (or 12am tonight). Exciting! This year, I'm really going to pursue it and finish another 50k novel! I didn't do it last year (well, sort of started and then lost interest into what I wrote) so this year's definitely it! If you're thinking of embarking on this crazy journey, join me! www.nanowrimo.org

If you end up signing up, please add me to your buddy list… I go by "RaDragon" there (du'r!)

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