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Fire fire and other things.

Been crazy in California this past week: Brush fires everywhere. Amongst the hundred thousands of acres burned across the state, hundreds of structures burned, numerous people displaced, it's a blessing Sissypoo in San Diego didn't have to evacuate; it was close, though… Can you tell we really really need rain?! and not just to benefit my snowboarding season… 😉 Anyway, I'll most likely keep praying for rain rain rain.

Belated Happy Birthday to me! Hehe. I've been so busy that I didn't have the time to wish myself (online anyway). Yay, I'm another year older /sarcasm.

So yah, October's a much better month than September. WAAAAY better, I would say. Anyway, I probably won't have another chance until mid-November to say this: Advance Happy Halloween!

Speaking of November, that National Novel Writing Month "event" is coming up! I will really do my best to complete another 50,000-word novel… I was unable to finish one last year (did finish in November '05 but it's still raw/unedited) so I definitely want to go for it this year. Then again, I'm busier than ever so Iono how I can pull that off… We'll see.

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