Monthly Archives: February 2007

My Achilles' heel…

…is my bliddy room! I cleared up some stuff — mostly papers that don't need to be filed but thrown away, empty packaging b [...]

The painting begins.

I started to paint the board! w00t! After a few days of sanding and other preparations, I actually started painting the board… white. [...]

Gesso? Gesso!

Added some gesso to my longboard. The prepping is nearly complete. Once this stuff dries, I can actually (finally) draw the image onto the b [...]


Ok, I was able to stain both sides of my longboard later this afternoon. It absolutely looks like an arbor board! LOL. It has quite the Hawa [...]

3rd RPI

I haven't done this in a while but was supposed to have these regularly. Anyway, here are two carefully selected random points of inter [...]

Jo Nisha!

I don't know how to reach you and your number I have in my mobile seems to be incorrect. Anyway, got your messages and nope, we didn� [...]


Oof. I didn't realise how difficult sanding maple wood is until actually working on the board. It took me an hour and a half (I think) [...]

Whoa updates.

Ok, the face-lift might have to wait — I still can't decide on a new theme for this site and honestly don't have enough spar [...]
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