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My Achilles' heel…

…is my bliddy room!

I cleared up some stuff — mostly papers that don't need to be filed but thrown away, empty packaging boxes, empty product boxes, more papers, and then more papers to be thrown away! And I'm not even half-done. I'm not even a quarter done… I think I'm only an eighth complete and it's not even funny. I need more storage space. Yep, that's it. I need more bookshelves and storage space. I probably need a bigger room — lol! I have too much stuff.

Speaking of stuff, I'm going to store my PEZ dispenser collection in a plastic storage bin — it takes too much time to dust these thingies and it should fade less stored rather than displayed. I can't even find the other dispensers from our move nearly 4 years ago. Eep! Oh well, back to the room… >_<

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