Monthly Archives: February 2007

Poor PS3.

I went to BestBuy on Monday to search for those 1.99 games on this internet list that said they were going to have a sale but ended up being [...]

Random-Points-of-Interest, VI

Another lovely Tuesday edition of RPI and today, the sites will be "interactive" — probably not so randomly chosen either as [...]


I have no luck with this stuff! I began coating my longboard deck with water-based polyurethane and as I applied the first coat last night, [...]

Happy Birthday, Ed!

Happy Birthday to Ed! w00t! Hope you don't give up cake for Lent cos you'll probably be having some today. Speaking of Lent — [...]

RPI Fiver

Can you believe this is the 5th installment of the Random-Points-of-Interest weekly thingys? It should've actually been 10 or more by n [...]

Lunar New Year, 4705

Gong Xi Fa Cai! [...]

Painting… complete!

As you will notice with the photos below, I've completed painting my longboard! w00t! They're the same board, just took the photo [...]

Sketch… and paint!

Ok, the white paint over the (white) gesso has dried — actually dried a few days ago but I've been bogged down with other shtuff [...]

Seynt Valentyne's Day

Thought I'd share this tidbit about the "feast of St. Valentine" that's celebrated today by Hallmark, and FTD and Godiva [...]

RPI Quarto

Neato. I'm actually keeping up with this Random Point-of-Interest, thingy! Anyway, here are the random sites I'd like to share tod [...]
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