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RPI Fiver

Can you believe this is the 5th installment of the Random-Points-of-Interest weekly thingys? It should've actually been 10 or more by now (cos of that journalling break I took) but let's live today and enjoy the, er, today– I mean, present!

Exhibit 9: Fortune Cookie
Who doesn't like fortune cookies? It's sweet, crunchy and has a little treat inside! Of course, on this site, you'll skip out on the sweet and crunchy bits but the little treat(s) should more than make up for it. And oh yah, it's brought to you by moi.

Exhibit 10: The Longboard Store
Ok, so this isn't a site, per se — but it is random! As the title states, it's a store dedicated to longboards. But why present this one in particular? Well, aside from the excellent selection of all things related to longboard (skateboards) I thought I'd share it cos shipping is free. Yes, that's quite rare for a store to give you free shipping, especially since some of the products here weigh more than 2 lbs.

See you at the next RPI!

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