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Gesso? Gesso!

Added some gesso to my longboard. The prepping is nearly complete. Once this stuff dries, I can actually (finally) draw the image onto the board and then paint over it. I have to sand it down a bit before painting but that shouldn't be too difficult. I have to make a slight adjustment with my design, however, since the bare wood won't be seen in-between the design anymore. I decided to change it up to make it true to some Sector Nine longboard designs. ^_^

In other news, Anna Nicole Smith has died. Quite sad to think that her child will not see her mother and will most likely not know who her father is until the paternity suit has been resolved. I cannot believe that the CNN website placed this “breaking news” on their front/landing page this afternoon. Then, the local news spent the first 15 minutes of their evening broadcast discussing Anna Nicole Smith. Only in Los Angeles? And now, half my post this evening is about her death. How morbid of me. Anyway, RIP. She's with her son, now.

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