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Ok, I was able to stain both sides of my longboard later this afternoon. It absolutely looks like an arbor board! LOL. It has quite the Hawaiian-look. I should probably put leis as a design rather than a sword and shield but oh well. Tomorrow, I'm going to be prepping the surface for acrylic paint with some gesso and then (I hope) on Friday, the painting will begin. Actually, I probably have to trace the image first and then paint. Ooooh… getting mucho excited!

I wish I had a photo but it's late and I've to be up early tomorroz so I'll try to post a pic of the updated board… tomorroz! 😛

In other, non-creative news, I got the letter about my speeding ticket thingy. Yep, I got another speeding ticket >_< UGH. After like, not having one for 9 years, I've received my 2nd one almost a year to the date. What is this? Yearly speeding tickets for sh*ts and giggles?! Since it hasn't been 18 months, I cannot take the "regular" traffic school programme. I have to go to court, ask (or perhaps plead) for traffic school and go to 12-hour non-online class... Didn't I say I wasn't going to speed (ever) again last year?! I guess I lied :(

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