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3rd RPI

I haven't done this in a while but was supposed to have these regularly. Anyway, here are two carefully selected random points of interest on the interweb. (LOL. I didn't really carefully select it but just pretend I did).

Exhibit 5: WikiSky.org
Pretty neat website where you can type the constallation name and it'll "take you there". The coolest feature, though, is the "Look at the stars above you now" function.

Exhibit 6: FlopTurnRiver.com
You have probably seen that link before as I posted it a few days ago. Anyway, thought of sharing it again especially if you are keen on reading up on poker strategy and stuff. No doubt it'll help me this summer when I play against mi familia in a Texas Hold'em Deathmatch! (j/k about the Deathmatch)

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