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Whoa updates.

Ok, the face-lift might have to wait — I still can't decide on a new theme for this site and honestly don't have enough spare time to redesign one. Why, you might ask? Well, it's that time of the year again, when my creative juices start flowing (or is it just a trickle) and I feel the need for painting… something. LOL, I'm going to be re-painting my Sector 9 longboard skateboard. Yes, the beast is old, worn and grimy and I plan to give it new life with a fresh coat of acrylic paint and polyurethane. See the design below. I'm not very good with photoshop but you'll get the idea:

        Front               Back

Oh, speaking of udpates, yesterday, we had a blackout that lasted nearly 15 hours! I've never realised how much I depend on power until it's out! At about 7:20AM, our power went out after hearing 2 loud grinding/bursts. Yes, I was up at 7AM to listen to my live football match commentary. Anyway, I went outside and saw that a couple of our neighbors were up, too and looking to see what happened. To make a long story short, an electrical cable and transformer blew and it cut power to 1.5 blocks in our neighborhood. Edison was working on it 30 minutes after this happened, and power resumed at 9:20PM to our delight when we returned from watching the film “Smokin' Aces”.

What else… Hmmmm… Oh, I added a new link to my growing list! It's FlopTurnRiver.com and it was co-created by my friend, Johnny! and his friend Eric(?). It's a massive site that has poker stragedy and active poker forum community. So yah, check it out…

I've officially signed up for the 2007 San Diego Marathon! w00t. I'll be getting back in shape and losing all these silly holiday pounds which unfortunately started accumulating on my birthday, btw >_<

Well, I think it's time for lunch. I'll try to update this site as much as I can since my schedule is normalising yet again. ^_^

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