Monthly Archives: December 2010

2010 Perspective on New Years’ Eve

Happy eve of the New Year! Though the previous months don’t reflect it, I feel like I haven’t been posting on this journal as mu [...]

Stars, bananas, footprint and 4,645 calories

…aka my Workout Mashup! Tuesday, 14 December: 3mi scheduled; 3mi completed. Small star! Surprisingly did well during this midweek unsh [...]

Weekend Training Review (11-12/Dec)

Saturday: 11mi scheduled. 6mi completed. I’m pretty sure my legs hate long runs, especially since they haven’t been properly pre [...]

Shilly-shally training and stickers!

AHHHHHH. First week into my Los Angeles Marathon training and… I did not do all 3 midweek runs; in other words, did not do a single wo [...]

Training Timetable!

Soz for the posting hiatus; I was on a month-long break from running and working out and now that I’m “back” (and despite [...]
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