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Shilly-shally training and stickers!

AHHHHHH. First week into my Los Angeles Marathon training and… I did not do all 3 midweek runs; in other words, did not do a single workout this week. To make things worse, I didn’t exactly have the best nutrition, either (think two slices of cake w/ icing and a glass of milk for lunch one day, and then hot wings and fries the next). >_<

This is why I haven’t reached my PR goals this year (thanks to skipped runs) and I certainly won’t let that happen next year! I’m already nearly 7 lbs lighter than I was last summer, so I’m using that as my continuing motivation to keep on going. That, and I really really want to finish a marathon under or at 5:35 before I turn 35!

But I really don’t want to run 4 times a week, either. Ugh. LOL. Without sounding like a schitzo runner, I’m going to do my best to complete at least 3 training runs a week (2 midweek and 1 weekend). I used to tell myself that if I could do at least 2 runs a week (which ends up being just once a week), I’ll be fine; and I was, but that only really meant I finished my marathons around 6 hours (and above). I’ll still do my run/walk intervals and motivate myself to do all 4 runs every week, but I’m making a mental note (and cementing it here on digital paper) that 3 is the new minimum.

And as even more motivation, I got shiny new stickers the other day to post on my calendar for each run (and workout) I complete. Yes. I’m 12 years old. Check it —

Stickers. w00t.

Stickers. w00t.

Stars for completed midweek runs; encircled stars for completed long run and cross-training workouts 🙂

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