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Training Timetable!

Soz for the posting hiatus; I was on a month-long break from running and working out and now that I’m “back” (and despite already being two weeks behind in training… LOL!), after everything that has happened the past few weeks* including the mess of racing events in October, I’m just happy to be able to keep running and training!

Eventually, I promise to post all the race reports (including my novella-long Triathlon race report!) but in the meantime… here’s what my training will look like for the LA Marathon, courtesy of Hal Higdon, of course. 🙂

*Long story short: Earlier in November, I found out a very close and dear friend has Pancreatic cancer and just before Thanksgiving, another friend died tragically in a plane crash. :\ Definitely makes my “no PR’s in 2010” sulking less significant!

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