Monthly Archives: August 2010

Shod Run: 1mi

1mi run on Monday, 30th August. Posting this as a separate workout record (well, like I used to until I got lazy posting anyway!) because th [...]

Weekend Training (28 Aug)

Saturday (August 28th) Long run; 9mi. Walk 2mi. Gear used: VFF, compression calf sleeves, Amphipod belt. I guess my body was still recoverin [...]

Midweek Training (23-27 Aug)

Well, that bout with migraine (or tension headache?) on Wednesday really threw me off, but in a way, it’s great that I had some much n [...]

How quickly the tide turns

I often “speak to soon,” especially when it comes to training. I posted a few days back that things are going according to my tr [...]

Keeping motivated!

I think signing up for MyFitnessPal kick-(re)started my training. OK, I know it might eventually become cumbersome to enter my daily caloric [...]

Weekend Training: Long Run & Bike

August 21st Long Run: 8mi (Barefoot) + Walk: 2mi (Barefoot) My longest barefoot run yet! My calendar dictated that I had to do 13mi, but si [...]

Midweek Training Mashup

OK, I’m liking this mashup thing so I’ll do one post a week to my midweek training activities, and then another for my weekend t [...]


OK, I haven’t lost my mind but I need to lose 12 lbs in order to get to my target weight! No, I’m not turning anorexic but I jus [...]

Searching for a scale

Our 7-year old scale that not only weighs you but also calculates your BMI is about to bid farewell… So now the task of finding a repl [...]

Training Mashup (part deux)

Summer is officially over for me (sort of). I need to buckle down and get back into training for three events (read THREE) in October: the H [...]

Training Mashup

Ok, so I’ve already slacked a bit with regards to posting my training activities and it’s only already been a day three days sin [...]
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