Monthly Archives: March 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates. Been bogged down with work and other personal stuff — in particular, vehicle troubles. Ugh. Anyway, her [...]

Long Run Training: 13 miles

Notes:I did not do 13 miles (as you can see above, I only ran 10 miles). I kinda mentally gave up after seeing that I already had 10 miles u [...]

RPI Niner

Roger roger, here's the RPI niner. Exhibit 17: France24 LiveWatch the news online. Who cares if the telly feed is from a French station [...]

English, please.

Kudos to Damon for posting this joke @ the forums I frequent. Thought I'd share it cos I found it hilarious! The European Commission h [...]

Second Life

Kudos to Johnny for sharing this site. Actually, I have not even installed the software associated with it but I have "reserved" m [...]

Nintendo… Power!

Hearty props to the publishers (or distributors) of the Nintendo Power magazine for sending me my first free issue… in fifteen copies! [...]

Name my board

Here it is… The completed Sector Nine A-Frame Bamboo longboard! (Click photos for larger image) The 3rd pic is a close-up view of t [...]

8th RPI

Can you believe? Lucky Number 8. Exhibit 15: What to Do After a Car AccidentAn article off the website layout the steps you need [...]

Congrats to Sharon and Joel!

Sharon gave birth today to a baby girl! Lauren Nicole is 5.64lbs and 18 inches. Congratulations, Mama Sha! [...]

Long Run Training: 7 miles

Notes:Burned a whopping 700 calories; that's the most I've expended since the beginning of training. My pace today was at an easy [...]

The Blues are coming!

Yep, the best football club in my world, Chelsea Football Club, are coming to town in July! Not only are they going to train in the Los Ange [...]
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