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Name my board

Here it is… The completed Sector Nine A-Frame Bamboo longboard! (Click photos for larger image)

The 3rd pic is a close-up view of the angled riser-pad. For those interested, here are the specs:

Deck: Sector Nine A-Frame Bamboo (with built-in clear grip tape)
Trucks: Tracker Racetrack "S" [rear] and "X" [front] (149mm)
Riser pads: Angled
Bearings: Pig Ceramics
Wheels: Kryptonics Classic (65mm – Black)
Hardware: Shortys 1 1/4"
Bushing: Tracker custom (bottom) and Independent red/soft (top)

I gave it a test run earlier this evening and it was a dream to ride; glided ever so effortless-ly on the pavement. Can't wait until the weekend to really cruise with this at the beach. ^_^

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