Monthly Archives: March 2007

Online Shopping

I got paid yesterday but I stayed clear off the shops I'd normally drive to, to "browse" but really pick up something that I [...]

RPI the Seventh

w00t! More RPI's coming your way today. Hope you like 'em! Exhibit 13: The Dream DictionaryI try to refer sites that have little t [...]

Long Run Training: 10 miles

Notes:With only 411 calories burned, this was one of my most pathetic runs evar! I was lazy, and basically ran/walk (or rather, walked) the [...]

Friendster… for Dogs!

Ok, so you've heard of Friendster (or MySpace)… Well, here's one if you've got a dog (or cat) that you want to show off [...]


Is it March already? Craaaazy. It feels like we just entered the year 2007… Anyway, my marathon is in June and to-date I have run a to [...]
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