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Second Life

Kudos to Johnny for sharing this site. Actually, I have not even installed the software associated with it but I have "reserved" my virtual identity there. LOL. Anyway, let me introduce myself to you… I am… Imogen Bing. Lovely to meet you. LMAO.

You can register for free and it's up to you whether or not you want to subscribe to their service; it's something like, The Sims 2 or an MMORPG game but the "gameplay" is more like "real-life". Iono, if you're interested, please use me, Imogen Bing, as your friend referral. ROFL. Here's the Imogen Bing link you can use to register for free: Second Life (there's a field that asks who referred you to SL).

See you at the virtual flipside! (Oh yah, let me know your name so that I can add you as a friend after you have registered!)

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