Monthly Archives: October 2006

And so it begins.

I nearly forgot about NaNoWriMo but just as I was about to shut down my computer, I saw my little reminder on the calendar, opened a word pr [...]

One year old…

…er! I wasn't gonna make a big deal outta this but might as well — Happy Birthday to me! Wheeeee! [...]

Chelsea versus Barcelona

Ahhh… I can't sleep. The match is at 11:30AM later today (18 October). Petr Čech is now recovering after a successful surge [...]


As if I do not have an already hectic schedule, I've decided to participate at this year's National November Writing Month — [...]

Congratulations, Annelle (and I survived.)

FIRST OFF, congratulations to my big sis Annelle. She finished her first evar half-marathon (that's thirteen and 1/10 miles for you run [...]

I'll carry on?

T minus 2 days — or just about. My 13.1 mile-run is creeping up and the stress is kicking in. Normally, I'd be confident and say, [...]


Happy Birthday to my big sis Minel and li'l bro Jeri! WHEEEEEEEE. [...]

Training Run: 4 miles

Notes: Burned a mere 449 calories during this daunting run; This is the first run I've done in months and now I'm scared for my ha [...]
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