Monthly Archives: March 2006

Breaking Chelsea News!

Ooooh! Ahhhhhh! ^_^ Chelsea announce US alliance with AEG Wednesday, Mar 29, 2006 Chelsea Football Club announced today (Wednesday) a uniqu [...]

Long Run Training: 13 miles

Notes: I burned about 1,265 calories and ran at a 12:38 pace. It's not too bad. It was actually a good run with no issues with my shoes [...]

Johari + Nohari

So it's interesting how people see me and how I see myself. Sometimes, I suppose, that I'm too harsh or am overly self-critical. I [...]

Johari me.

Do you really know me? Seriously. Am I that transparent? Anyway, try your luck with this simple “test” 😉 Click on this link: [...]

Loverly lunch.

Had some crisps and a Stella. Also had the pleasure of watching JT score. Magpies nil, my beloved Blues 1. ^_^ (The match today took out th [...]

Blues versus Magpies – FA QtrFnl

The match is at 12:00PM Pacific today on PPV. Fox Soccer Channel was scheduled to rebroadcast this match at 11:30PM Pacific tonight, however [...]

I will never speed again.

YAY! If you ever need to go to traffic school, I have this coupon code you can use for the school I used above. Just email me to send you [...]


*Cue Vivaldi's “Spring”* Spring arrives at about 10:26AM PT today. That is all. Carry on. [...]

Missed run.

I woke up at 6:25AM this morning for my long training run and was unable to get out the door cos of my tummy. Ugh. Iono if it's the wea [...]

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

w00t. My sis said something really absurd: The Los Angeles Archdiocese issued a dispensation today. Yep, Cardinal Mahoney authorised all Ca [...]

Training Run: 5 miles

Notes: I was unable to run 6 miles today (was .13 miles short — lol!). I had to end my run early cos I was going to be late to Station [...]
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