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Long Run Training: 13 miles

I burned about 1,265 calories and ran at a 12:38 pace. It's not too bad. It was actually a good run with no issues with my shoes, or tummy or legs or whatnot. This was the first time that I ran with Clif Shot BLOKS (they're organic electrolyte chews) and it was pretty tasty. I had one block every 30 minutes of activity and it held me up well. I'm definitely sticking to these blocks. It's such a huge difference when you have that constant surge of energy. I ran on the Hermosa strand up Manhattan Beach and a little past El Segundo. I also tried something new today — instead of looking down when running, I focused on various markers (the top of the lamp post, some flags on the homes, tiled-roofs, etc.) to keep my head level. It actually worked cos I don't feel any pain on my upper back and the base of my neck. I'm going to do that again next weekend. I also did some 10 to 15 second intervals where I ran on my forefoot instead of landing flat on my feet whenever I felt like walking — it kept me going. I have to admit, though, I was a bit anxious about running 13 miles today cos I was unable to run 12 miles last weekend but it definitely worked out. I need to run 7 miles sometime this week and I just really need to run during the week — lol.

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